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Thursday, 12 March 2009 20:31

Competing During Tough Trading Times

Why independents should be proud to be different!


O’Brien’s, Subway, Prêt A Manger, Eat, Costa, Starbucks, Café Nero…  not to mention the supermarkets, pubs, department stores and fast food restaurants all already in on the act, or the depressing current economic climate! The unavoidable truth is that there are many big businesses out there, all securing their foothold on the high street, spending millions on product development, and even more on marketing it like crazy to the hungry public.  Added to that, whilst fast food is not being hit hard just yet, there’s certainly less money in customers pockets


This must signal the end for the independent café right?  Wrong!


Many of those big firms existed in the town my partner and I chose to establish our own independent café in, early in 2006.  So, I know from experience that competition for customer interest, patronage and ultimately cash, is fiercer than ever before.  In addition, we’re busy running our café day in day out, so are seeing first hand the impact the (now official) recession is having on customer spending.  Because of this I remain confident, and I know its possible to take on the big brands, and with a bit of ingenuity give them a run for their money.


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If you are thinking about starting a sandwich shop, or perhaps buying an existing one, then this website is for you. Within these pages you will find information and advice on just about any aspect of starting and running a sandwich shop.



The site is based in the United Kingdom, and as such, some of the articles relating to health and hygiene will be specific to that region. It is vital to investigate and learn about the regulations governing the running of a sandwich shop in your own country.


Just about everything else on the site is relevant to any modern sandwich shop in any part of the world.


Articles are provided to us from a variety of sources, from people who run their own shops, to extracts from publications, such as the one shown on the right of the page. Also, a recently added forum is available for you to  browse, or post a topic to.


The aim of this website is to share knowledge about the creation and running of a sandwich shop. Much of the information contained in these pages is relevant also to anyone considering a coffee bar, or a small bakery, because many of the principles involved in establishing these businesses are similar, and in some cases identical.


Generally, we are concerned with the operation of the independent sandwich shop, rather than the big established franchise operators.





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Thursday, 27 August 2009 08:36

There aren't many good books out there on the sandwich business, or the food business in general for that matter. The publications shown below are the ones we consider to be the best available. Our own comprehensive reviews will be added within the next few weeks, but the books are all available on Amazon if you want to have a look in the meantime. There is one book listed which is a general business start up guide, rather than being sandwich or coffee related, but it's probably the best of its kind you will ever find, so it's worth looking at for general start up issues.

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